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Your Five-Step Guide to Epoxy Flooring Installations

Your Five-Step Guide to Epoxy Flooring Installations
Epoxy flooring has become such a popular choice for home and business owners in this day and age. It’s a practical choice for anyone who prioritizes durability and shine in their flooring. And of course, let’s not forget how easy and cost-effective it is to install. A business providing garage floor installation in Fort Myers, Florida is partial to this flooring option for all the same reasons and recommends them to those who aspire to achieve similar flooring goals for their homes and businesses.

So how does epoxy flooring installation work? The guide below will walk you through the process.

While epoxy flooring is fairly straightforward and people can always opt to do the installation themselves, getting a smooth, high-specification finish would typically require you to hire a professional installer. Consider partnering with a well-known provider of quality floor paint in Cape Coral on this venture.

Step #1: Preparing the space for installation.

It’s important to remove everything from the room and clean the entire space. Any damage or cracks in the concrete would also have to be repaired. Since grease, oils, or solvents can potentially weaken the bond with the substrate, even the faintest presence of these substances must be completely removed from the area.

Step #2: The mixing process.

Mix the base and hardener components individually before combining them in a bucket. Both components should then be thoroughly mixed together for at least two minutes until they basically become one color. Don’t wait too long to begin rolling the coating as it will only have a bucket life of thirty minutes or so.

Step #3: The coating application process.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely for this particular step. Remember that there are different ways to apply a coating, the most recommended of which for epoxy flooring is cross-rolling. Also, make sure you get help in applying for larger areas.

Step #4:After the first coating process is completed, you may proceed to clean your tools.

It is recommended that hot and soapy water is used to effectively remove what’s left of the mixture from your tools, materials, and supplies.

Step #5: Apply the second coating.

After about half a day of waiting for the first coat to dry completely, apply the second coat. While your floor will be dry to the touch a few hours afterward, it will take several days for it to properly cure. You should also put into consideration the kind of environment you’re working with. Giving the area as much ventilation as possible will speed up the drying process.

While these five steps seem simple enough to follow, it’s quite different when you’re actually there trying to execute them. Naturally, you’d want your epoxy floors to turn out gorgeous, spotless, and seamless. Working with reputable flooring companies like Garage Flooring Systems, LLC not only help you accomplish this goal but aid you with the maintenance process as well. It’s one thing to have a perfect finish but another to ensure that finish lasts for a long time.

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