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We Can Give Your Garage a Showroom Shine All the Time


What if you could make your garage more multi-functional, and with good aesthetics at that? A floor makeover for your garage can change the way you treat and make use of it. Do you like entering a hotel lobby with clean rugs and gleaming floors that are always ready to greet you as you arrive? We can give you that similar warm feeling as you enter your garage with floors that will always keep looking clean and ready to serve you as you organize items you need to put away for the time being.

Our experiences and goal in properly acquiring service certifications in Garage Floor Installation in Fort Myers, Florida have taught us the best ways and techniques when it comes to flooring services. Read on below to know how we can give your garage floors a showroom shine all the time.

The Installation Process

  • Preparation
    Any surface that needs to be worked on should be stripped off from previous floor coatings or carefully cleaned to not destroy the flooring material. If any buffing or grinding is necessary, we will advise the client since this will ensure the epoxy coatings to adhere to the substrate or floor’s surface. During preparation, vacuuming, grinding and buffing may be necessary for stripping and smoothening the surface.
  • Priming
    Once the floor’s surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, an epoxy primer should be applied evenly on the floor in preparation for any chosen epoxy color or Epoxy Flake in Fort Myers.
  • Filling
    After the application of an epoxy primer, connecting joints, cracks and damages need to be inspected so it can be repaired or filled-in with epoxy grout or an elastic compound. Grinding and sanding may be necessary to achieve a smooth and even flooring texture ready for the epoxy coating.
  • Mixture
    The correct components to an epoxy coating also lie with the epoxy resin and epoxy hardener ratio as well as how they get mixed together. Working with different substrates or floor materials has given us good judgment for the best products for different materials.
  • Application
    Finally, all the steps taken to prepare the surface for the epoxy coating has concluded to the careful application of the epoxy Floor Paint in Cape Coral.

Our dedication to delivering beautiful floors to our clients has allowed us to perfect floor installation services for both commercial and residential use.

When your garage needs a modern makeover, call 239-961-0651. Garage Flooring Systems, LLC giving garages in Fort Myers, Florida that showroom shine all the time.

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