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The Epoxy Floor Installation Process: An Overview

The Epoxy Floor Installation Process: An Overview

Choosing epoxy for concrete resurfacing in Fort Myers, Florida is a great idea. After all, epoxy is one of the most durable flooring types available. Take a look at the general installation process for this type:

  • Cleaning the surface

    For a smooth application, be sure to clean the surface. Use a cleanser or degreaser, if necessary. Make sure to rinse the entire area with clean water afterward.

    If there are rubber residues from tires in your garage in Fort Myers, Florida, remove them using sandpaper. Deep cleaning is possible through a pressure washer. Vacuuming can also help remove remaining debris.

  • Choosing and applying the epoxy product

    Various epoxy products are available, so you have to choose which ones you want for your decorative concrete floor. Be sure to buy enough for two coats. Apply an epoxy primer followed by the first coat. The second coat comes next. Wait for 24 hours in between each application.

  • Protecting yourself

    Epoxy products contain different chemicals. When applying concrete coating in Florida, protect yourself from exposure to epoxy chemicals by wearing protective gear. Use gloves, protective sleeves, eye goggles, masks, and even good quality rubber boots. Be sure to wear them before you proceed with the application of the epoxy products on the floor.

If you want durable floors in Fort Myers, Florida, let us handle the installations for you. We have trained, licensed, and experienced professional installers to assist you. Contact Garage Flooring Systems, LLC for your flooring needs!

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