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Removing Tire Marks from Epoxy-Coated Garage Floors

Removing Tire Marks from Epoxy-Coated Garage Floors

Here at Garage Flooring Systems, LLC, we often get questions from disgruntled customers about how they can remove tire marks from epoxy-coated garage floors. We understand your frustration. What’s the point of getting Concrete Coating in Florida if it’ll only end up stained and dirty?

  • What Causes Tire Marks on Epoxy

    The process that causes your tires to leave unsightly marks on the floor of your garage in Jacksonville, Florida is called “plasticizer migration”. Plasticizers are a combination of polymer compounds that are used in the tire industry to create a more flexible rubber compound that gives tires more traction and keeps it soft and pliable in cold weather.

    When your tires heat up after a long drive, these plasticizers tend to relax and leach out of your tires and onto your garage floor.

  • Removing Tire Marks

    The easiest way to attempt removing tire marks from Decorative Concrete is to soak the area for a few minutes with a good cleaner or concrete degreaser. After it has soaked, use a semi-stiff nylon bristle brush to scrub off the tire marks. Be careful with how you use the scrub pad as these can often de-gloss your floor’s finish.

    If scrubbing doesn’t work, it might be time for you to consider Concrete Resurfacing in Jacksonville, Florida.

We can provide you with great quality flooring systems to fit your tastes! Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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