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living room

Floor Coatings in Fort Myers, Florida

The right products, at the right price.

Garage Flooring Systems, LLC provides fast and high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial flooring products and installation services throughout Florida. We are reliable, knowledgeable about flooring solutions and installation techniques, and we practice strict safety measures. We pride ourselves on delivering quality results you can count on. Every single time.

We offer flooring solutions for:

  • living room
  • office interior
  • warehouse
  • restaurant
  • restroom
  • laundry room
    Laundry Rooms
  • kitchen
  • studio room
    Sports and Entertainment Complexes
  • pool deck
    Pool Decks
  • floor
    Fire Stations
  • auto mobile
    Auto Dealerships
  • hallway
  • woman running
  • retail store
    Retail Stores
  • supermarkets
  • lowerrooms / showers
    Lower Rooms/Showers
  • living room
    And more!

We also offer the following services:

  • Epoxy

    Epoxy flooring systems are weatherproof. They can be highly resistant to scratches. This is highly recommended for garage areas and even in other parts of your home.

  • Epoxy Custom Flake and Quartz Blending

    If you want a heavy-duty flooring system that’s also aesthetically pleasing, you can opt for Epoxy Custom Flake and Quartz Blending. This floor system is available in a variety of colors.

  • Epoxy Metallic Floor

    This flooring system is highly customizable and it will look beautiful in your home or commercial space like restaurants, offices, and product showrooms.

  • MMA or Methyl – Methacrylate Flooring Systems

    Choose this flooring system if you are going for durability without the lengthy installation. MMA is well-known for its efficient and fast cure time.

When it comes to garage floor installation in Fort Myers, Florida, Garage Flooring Systems, LLC offers unmatched prices and quality in the industry! We are dependable and easy to work with, making us known for our quality services and customer satisfaction.

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For a cost estimate of our services, you can submit a quote request online. For other inquiries and concerns, feel free to contact us at 239-961-0651.