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Establishments That Are Perfect For Epoxy Flooring

Establishments That Are Perfect For Epoxy Flooring
Whether for business, commercial or home use, epoxy flooring can be a wise investment for any of your flooring needs. Its durability and resistance alone can save you from floor retouches with very close repair gaps.

Epoxy flooring is the most preferred type of flooring for business and commercial establishments for its characteristic to boost productivity in different facilities. Check out the list below and see 5 types of surfaces that are ideal for epoxy flooring.

  1. Garage Floors

    Garages also double as playgrounds where children and families get to bond and do entertaining activities together. Make it safe for all your family members by having skid-resistant flooring that gives your children’s shoes traction from all the fun and running around in the garage. With Epoxy Flake in Fort Myers enhance the look and feel of your garage.

  2. Automotive Facilities

    These types of shops or facilities often deal with different types of motor oils for car and motorcycle use. Leaks and spills are quite unavoidable but with the durability of epoxy flooring, it is highly resistant to repeated exposure of oils and other liquids, making clean up so much easier as well.

  3. Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

    Although epoxy floors can get slippery when there is too much liquid present on the surface, texturizing epoxy coatings will help give traction to these busy floors that deal with a lot of spillages. These types of facilities cannot afford a lot of downtime, that is why production floors need to be of top quality and are highly reliable.

  4. Processing Facilities

    For commercial use: industries that require machinery inside their facilities can easily benefit from epoxy Floor Paint in Cape Coral since it dramatically reduces the wear and tear on any of their material handling equipment when there are smooth floor surfaces to navigate on and around the facility.

  5. Hospitals

    One of the best qualities of epoxy flooring is its impenetrability to liquids and spillage. In hospitals, where sanitation is a number one priority to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases, floors and surfaces are common agents that breed viruses and bacteria. But with the epoxy flooring, the maintenance and sanitization of hospital floors cut cleaning time in half and are safer floor types to have.

In any Garage Floor Installation in Fort Myers, Florida, we always go for the maximization of investments that families and businesses make to achieve quality floors they can always rely on.

Garage Flooring Systems, LLC currently covers different areas of Florida. If you are interested in epoxy flooring, please call us at 239-961-0651 for a chance to get a free estimate on your floor service.

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