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Differentiating Epoxy Flake from Reflector Enhancer

Differentiating Epoxy Flake from Reflector Enhancer

Are you thinking of concrete resurfacing in Fort Myers, Florida? Two of the many flooring options you can take advantage of include epoxy flake and reflector enhancer. Below are some of their characteristics:

  • Epoxy Flake

    With an epoxy flake in Estero, Florida, you get a flooring solution that is easy to clean. It also is capable of withstanding foot traffic. It can even withstand vehicle traffic. Epoxy flake also provides a slip-resistant yet smooth finish.

    Practical and cost-effective, this option provides a pigmented, brilliantly-colored, and randomly-shaped look. Due to these characteristics, an epoxy flake will be a good concrete coating in Florida for garages, locker rooms, warehouses, industrial areas, and factories.

  • Reflector Enhancer

    This option also has its unique characteristics. First of all, it is cost-effective. Any homeowner or businessman surely wants a decorative concrete solution that will not break the bank. It also boasts a quick installation process. You do not have to wait for weeks as you can already have the results in a matter of days.

    A reflector enhancer also enables personalization and customization. It comes in different patterns, color combinations, and designs. Furthermore, it provides a sparkly, shimmering, and brilliant flooring finish.

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