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3 Common Concrete Finishes

3 Common Concrete Finishes

As the leading provider of Concrete Resurfacing in Fort Myers, Florida, we will be sharing with you the most common and basic type of concrete finish that you can use in your new residential or commercial property:

  1. Polished concrete

    If you want to achieve that glossy and mirror-like finish, then polished concrete is the right choice! This type is highly recommended for commercial establishments. This can be created by a “grind and seal” method.

  2. Power troweling

    To smoothen and level the surface, troweling is often utilized. Using a sharpened trowel blade, and pushing and pulling across the surface can be done for it. Troweling is usually used in both residential and commercial buildings.

  3. Exposed aggregate

    This type provides an appealing and stylish look in your place. By washing the top layer of the cement paste to expose the edges of the stones or sands, exposed aggregate can be obtained. Materials like quartz, limestone, pebbles, seashells, and black basalts are used for this finish.

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